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Redefining Security and Cleaning Services in Greater Manchester and the UK

The world is growing more connected every year, and even though that is good news for all businesses and people around the world, there has never been a greater need for a top notch security services. Businesses need top-notch security on their premises to not only protect their resources but ensure the protection of their clientele and employees as well. And that is what we do at 4tress Services Ltd. We are a leading cleaning and security company operating in Manchester.

We have been in business for several years and offer an extensive range of reliable, cost-effective, and professional services, to the public, private, and corporate sector. We take pride in delivering top-notch services with outstanding attention-to-detail and have licensed and highly trained personnel, who can handle complex issues easily.

Commitment to Excellence

At 4tress Services Ltd, we place the needs of our customers ahead of everything else, so whether you require cleaning or security services, we can handle it all. We are committed to offering you with excellence in our security guard, manned guarding, and retail  services 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. We understand the need to evolve continuously within a rapidly changing and demanding marketplace and maintain a comprehensive understanding of current procedures and regulations within the cleaning and security sector.

Our focus is on delivering smart security and cleaning solutions for our clients, which are tailored to their individual requirements with unrivalled care and consideration put into the delivery of all our services. From best in class security officers to strategic future-proof planning, we protect and serve cultural and art centres, businesses and retail parks, leading exhibitions, distribution and data centres, investment houses, leading banks, and retail stores.

Delivering Best-in-Class Security and cleaning Services

We are one of Greater Manchester’s and the UK’s leading security companies and have acquired a wealth of experience with licensed and trained security guards. Our experience in static guard, retail security, and security patrol for businesses and properties in the Greater Manchester area and other areas of the UK ensure that we are a security company you can rely on. We can provide professional manned security services on a temporary or long-term basis at short notice with fully trained SIA licensed security guards.

Our mission is to provide a reliable and valuable security service to all our clients with professionalism and integrity. That is why we place such emphasis on customer service and are driven to enhance the expectations of our customers by improving and innovating our operations.

Why Choose 4tress

We understand that the security or cleaning services that we offer to our clients must reflect their varied and changing needs. That is the reason why we provide a future-proof and tailored solution that is developed based on the reputation, performance, brand, and environment of our client’s business. Some of the main reasons why you should consider 4tress Services Ltd, include:

So, what are you waiting for? You need the very best when it comes to protecting your property, valuable assets, and people and 4tress Services Ltd is the leading security guard and cleaning service operating in Greater Manchester and the UK.

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