It is and always has been our policy to consistently and profitably exceed our customer’s expectations with regards to the provision of high- quality products and services.Maintaining and continuously improving high standards of competence in all our activities that have an impact on customer satisfaction can only achieve this objective.  As an integral part of our company policies that include regulatory and other policies, we  maintain registration to ISO 9001 and ( other industry accreditations) as a means of ensuring that our skills, procedures and understanding of current and future customers needs.

Appropriate and suitable for meeting our objectives as set within 4tress

Consistently deployed and applied to both full- time staff and all subcontractors

Meet with requirements of our industrial Standard

Deliver to the customer and interested parties, the benefits we seek

Ensure that 4tress complies with the highest levels of ethical performance

It is our aim that all members of staff at 4tress have a sound knowledge of this policy and work in an environment in which they are encouraged to contribute to the improvement of customer satisfaction, quality and reliability.  All staff will receive an induction in the company, input on the contents and meaning of this policy statement.  It is the duty of all, no matter what to assist all other members of 4tress to meet this objectives.

4tress will continue to carry out regular audits of internal compliance to the standard and use a variety of methods such as

Recording customer complaints

Recording product rejections or returns

Recording repeat orders for product

Recording changing volume of orders for product

Recording trends in on-time delivery

Obtain customer scorecards from certain customers

Submittal of customer satisfaction surveys

To measure and track customer satisfaction.

The findings of these audits together with other comments  will be used as a quiding step for our continuous improvements programme and will help us to achieve our  Quality Assurance objectives.

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