Senior Management Team of 4Tress Services provides evidence of its leadership and commitment to the development and implementation of the management system and continually improving its effectiveness by:

Working in partnership with  companies  and  developing strong working relationships with them  .

  1. Ensuring that the management system conforms to applicable standards;
  2. Ensuring that the processes are delivering their intended outputs;
  3. Reporting on the performance of the management system;
  4. Providing opportunities for improvement for the management system;
  5. Ensuring the promotion of customer focus throughout the organization;
  6. Ensuring that the integrity of the management system is maintained when changes are planned and implemented.

Our main aim is to established core security team and an experienced and dedicated management team to support  them. We keep on  fulfilling our commitment to our employees, the company and the stakeholders as a whole day by day as the on-going investment towards their training, and raising the standards in the company as a whole is concerned so as to  enabled us to meet our futures challenges.

By harnessing a management team, from different service backgrounds, we are able to use that to our customer`s advantage, by finding long-lasting solutions to our customers`s service problems, thereby giving them the best services that they wanted at a reasonable cost. As a security and a cleaning company, 4TRESS SERVICES LTD believes in partnering with companies, to enhance their security and cleaning needs. All our services are specifically designed around our customer`s needs in a simple collection of easy to understand plans. An active dialogue is the name of the game that we operate here. We are in constant touch with our customers to know and understand their needs, listen to their requirements and implement them in our   Service Review Book. We are a specialist in this field, and with our dedicated and experienced staff, we aim to build close working relationships with our clients.

Why Choose 4tress

  • UK wide security services
  • Safe contractor approved
  • Best company to work with
  • Investors in people
  • First class customer service


  • Available to prevent vandalism
  • Train to Provide Reception and concierge duties
  • Able to offer GateHouse security for entrance and exist security
  • All of our staff are fully insured and trained.
  • Professional and courtesy staff.
  • 4tress Services Ltd is dedicated to providing a high quality service.
  • 24/7 Availability

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