4tress Services Ltd, is one of the leading securities and cleaning solutions providers in the Greater Manchester area as well as other parts of the UK. We provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients to ensure a well-maintained, secure, and safe workplace. Our expertise in contract cleaning allows us to design and deliver tailored solutions for all types of business areas including gyms, kitchens, warehouses, cinemas, theatres, shopping centres, and small offices, etc.
A clean and welcoming environment is essential for any business as it not only makes a good impression on customers but also provides a more productive environment for employees. We have years of experience in the cleaning industry. With our refined expertise, we ensure that your business premises are always in pristine condition. We also design our cleaning solutions to work around the needs of your business so there is no disruption in the workplace.

Creating the Right Environment

We understand the importance of creating a safe and clean working environment since it has a direct impact on employee morale and productivity. It not only keeps your employees healthy but makes their jobs easier and more enjoyable as well. Being clean not only looks good but is also important for presenting a professional image to your customers and clients as well.

This is where the professional and experienced cleaning services from 4tress Services Ltd kicks in to give you the edge. We take care of all your corporate cleaning needs. Our aim is to create the right environment for your business so that you can concentrate on your job. We are renowned for our exemplary attention to detail and our high standards, while we can also create a bespoke plan that is suited to your budget and requirements.

Unrivalled Cleaning Services for Businesses

At 4tress Services Ltd, we count cleaning services among our core competencies and are therefore committed to developing new tools, materials, and methods that will improve our cleaning. We aren’t afraid to implement new methods and use cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive cleaning solutions the likes of which have never been seen before by businesses in the UK.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries for what’s possible. This allows us to develop and deliver bespoke cleaning processes that will transform businesses. We adopt an individualised approach towards cleaning services for an extensive range of businesses to provide the perfect cleaning solutions to them. That is what separates us from the rest in the cleaning industry.

Why Choose 4tress

    • UK wide security services
    • Safe contractor approved
    • Best company to work with
    • Investors in people
    • First class customer service




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