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Protecting your residential property is a matter of great concern for everyone, especially for those individuals who’re leaving their property vacant for more than a week. It doesn’t matter whether you’re away from your property for a few days, a week, a month, or even a year, you should choose 4tress Security Services Ltd, to acquire unparalleled home security services.

Our security guards are all SIA-licensed and fully trained to handle all kinds and manners of threats on your property. Using their experience, expertise and training they will ensure that no intruder or burglar thinks about stepping on your private property. We carry out a complete security review and risk assessment test before deploying our home security services, so that we can cover all aspects and requirements of your property.

We have a brilliant track record for providing tailored home security guards services, and here is what you get from us:

We provide a manned home security service that ensures a constant visual deterrent with quick on-site response for any incident. Our security guards will carry out regular inspections of your private property and the home to ensure that there is nothing out of the ordinary happening in your home.

Security That Beats Any Alarm System

Our private security guards offer a level of accountability that you’ll never manage to gain from CCTV monitoring systems. We have a team of skilled guards that can deal with attempted break-ins immediately and deal with any threats when necessary. Electronic alarm systems can’t adapt to circumstances that change. This is where our trained security guards offer their flexibility and adaptability to different threats.

Our 24-hour patrolling security guards are screened and vetted so you can be assured that you’re only getting the very best security personnel on your property. We understand that every home and private property has its own unique security requirements; this is why we offer tailored solutions to all our clients after reviewing their security needs.

24-Hour Security and Manned Guards

We have a team of SIA-licensed manned security guards, who ensure that you can leave your home with the knowledge that your property is in safe hands. We even provide guard dogs for additional security if your private property requires it, since we are committed to bringing the highest level of guarding for your home. We know that your home means everything to you, and that is why we aren’t afraid to go above and beyond our duty to ensure its protection 24/7 with our 24-hour manned guarding.

You can also enjoy the following features from our home security services:

So, get in touch with 4tress Security Solutions today if you’re looking for dedicated home security solutions in Greater Manchester and across the UK.

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