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Best-in-class hospital security

If you’re looking for the best-in-class hospital security, you can trust on 4tress Security Services Ltd. to deliver every single time. Statistics state that 1 in 20 NHS staff members are assaulted at work every year which isn’t something that will fill you with confidence. Hospital security is vital for ensuring that the people dedicated to looking after the lives of people and in charge of saving lives are provided with a work environment that doesn’t have any outside interference and is completely safe.

4tress Security Services Ltd. are proud to have worked with the NHS for a long time and have been providing dedicated security for clinics, GP surgeries and hospitals in Greater Manchester and all over the UK. We offer an extensive range of security solutions and services that can fit into all kinds of budgets without compromising on our quality. From specialist manned security guards to CCTV monitoring, we can ensure that your hospital buildings and premises are completely safe.

Professional Hospital Security Solutions

At 4tress Security Services Ltd, we assess the service needs and requirements of every hospital individually and then train our security guards to meet them. Our security guards are SIA licensed and approved and have the expertise to handle all parts of hospital security services. They can even offer vital front-line assistance for hospital staff for medical duties like changing medical gas cylinders, providing emergency first aid, or using defibrillator equipment.

We have a brilliant track record of providing superior security services to hospitals due to our professional, well-trained, and dedicated security guards. You can have our hospital security guards deployed as mobile or static security patrol teams to ensure that nothing suspicious goes unnoticed. We are committed to taking extra responsibilities apart from providing security to medical sites and hospitals. Our security guards go above and beyond to protect hospital patients and staff.

Specialised Security Services Tailored to Your Needs

We’ve earned the trust and respect of security directors across the UK, as we have great expertise in providing responsive and specialist hospital security services for all types of hospital facilities. It doesn’t matter whether your medical site is a large hospital or a single medical office. We are ready to provide tailored hospital security solutions that include:

  • Highly trained hospital security guards
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Access control for staff and visitors
  • First responder and medical assistance services
  • Fire drill response and evacuation
  • Workplace violence prevention, training, and investigation
  • Onsite CCTV monitoring
  • Manned security guards at access points
  • Theft and loss protection from hospitals

Our ability to provide flexible and tailored security services and solutions to hospitals is one of the main reasons why we are regarded as one of the best contract security service providers in the UK. At 4tress Security Services Ltd, we have built a reputation for offering unmatched hospital security along with dedicated customer service that has allowed us to build strong partnerships with our clients.

When it comes to providing dedicated and uncompromising security solutions to hospitals in Greater Manchester and across the UK, choose 4tress Security Services Ltd. every time.


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