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 SPECIAL Reception Security Services for Your Business Entrance!

The security receptionist is a critical post for your business since this is where the first contact happens between your clients and customers and the business. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make a good first impression; anyone who walks into your office premises should feel comfortable and at ease. Client expectations are evolving continuously and it’s imperative that you focus on delivering exceptional customer service; this has become the minimum standard expected from businesses.

At 4tress Security Services, we specialise in reception security and have an experienced team that understands the importance of welcoming each client and making a good impression on them. Our front-desk security personnel are highly trained and know how to handle difficult clients. They ensure that everyone feels welcome the moment they step into the building. Here’s what you can avail with our reception security services:

Making a Good Impression

Our contract security receptionists possess excellent people skills and communication to ensure that all visitors notice that they’re dealing with an efficient and competent business the moment they enter. They will efficiently handle all requests from visitors and ensure that they’re not frustrated or left waiting for long in the reception area or lobby.

Apart from that, they may also assist visitors in the following manner:

They exhibit high levels of efficiency in executing their duties while ensuring that your staff and property are secure from any threats.

Complete Entrance Security

At 4tress Security Services Ltd, all our highly trained security operatives have the experience of dealing with difficult visitors. They will ensure that any individual attempting to enter your premises has your explicit permission and will only be permitted access for valid reasons. Visitors will also be asked to sign in their name and details in the visitor’s log book. They’ll only gain entry once everything checks out and they’re provided with a security pass. They’ll also sign out when they’re leaving your premises.

Some of the additional duties that our reception security staff will carry out include the following:

  • Monitor and adjust controls for regulating business systems, like boilers, air conditioners, and furnaces.
  • Operate detecting devices for screening individuals and preventing prohibited articles being brought into your business premises.
  • Check alarm circuits and ensure that the alarm system is functioning properly.
  • Contact fire departments, medical authorities or police in case of an emergency.
  • Monitor and authorise the entry and departure of employees and visitors to maintain security and guard against theft.
  • Investigate disturbances and answer alarms.
  • Patrol the premises to detect signs of intrusion and ensure that all gates, windows, and doors are secured.

We don’t leave anything to chance and are committed to provide a highly efficient service. We’ll ensure that your business not only offers the highest standards of customer care but also provides a secure environment for employees and your clients.

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