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It can be challenging to tackle security when it comes to educational institutes. It’s crucial that you get only the best security solutions. Schools and universities are extremely diverse in terms of the people that are on campus. With so many buildings, ranging from libraries to accommodation blocks, you’ll need to find security solutions that are flexible enough to cater to a wide range of situations. This is where 4tress Security Services Ltd shines; we offer a comprehensive range of school and university security guard services that guarantee a superior level of protection for your institute.

Our security guard staff is SIA-approved, trained, and licensed. This allows the security staff to provide exemplary security services for your school or university. We have decades of experience in school security and can conduct a complete assessment of the security needs of your institution. Among our extensive range of security guard services, we also offer the following:

People attend schools and universities to gain a good education that allows them to start their professional careers. The last thing on the minds of the students, teachers, and staff on the campus should be to worry about their personal safety and security.

That’s where we step in to ensure that schools and universities remain an academic area that is free from all threats and unwanted dangers. Our manned security guards are always monitoring parking lots, playgrounds, offices, lobbies, and school entrances to provide airtight security.

Excellent School Security Solutions Delivered

At 4tress Security Services Ltd, we have an exceptional reputation for delivering flawless security solutions to schools and universities in Greater Manchester and across the UK. Our school security guards are SIA-approved, and undergo rigorous background checks, so that they can deliver exemplary security solutions. School security has unfortunately become a priority for most schools and universities, as there has been a rise in anti-social behaviour on campuses like gang culture, graffiti, and bullying.

Our trained and licensed security guards work with managers and staff to design a system that offers pupils and staff with the basic facilities that are required for creating a sustainable and secure environment for everyone on campus. We understand that school security solutions vary from site to site and are dependent on the site, size, and management of the school.

That’s the reason why we offer a comprehensive range of security solutions for schools and universities which includes limiting access points, safeguard valuable equipment, assist with surveillance around parking and building facilities, control main access points for visitors, and provide a large security boundary.

We Know What School Security Entails

At 4tress Security Services Ltd, we work hard to make school and university campuses safer for everyone. Our school security guards maintain a strong presence and remain composed and calm when placed in pressure situations. We know how important it is to create a safe and relaxed environment on educational institutions and can come up with a unique school security plan for your campus.

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